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Tired of being called a traitor

I received yet another link to a video calling Obama a traitor. This one was posted by a young veteran of the Iraq invasion and occupation. Of course the young people in our military forces are doing a good job! Of course they are brave and valiant! This war is not their fault – and they aren’t doing anything wrong.

As a veteran myself, I understand the difference between being a member of the military and doing your duty from the decisions of the civilian command structure.

Here is my message to my childhood friend who sent the link to me today.

While I respect and honor your political views. they are different from mine. I never supported the invasion of a country that was breaking under the stress of UN resolutions. A country that was patrolled by US air power. A country that should have been oil rich, but was close to starving because the dictator would not leave. And a country that could not have made war on the US under any circumstances. The dictator did not support terrorists – that would have given power to someone besides himself and his family.

Our troops are brave and valiant. They are doing what they’re ordered to do – just as I did in the ’70s. I wasn’t allowed to wear my uniform off base because civilians were still pelting us with spoiled vegetables. My four years in US Navy are among the proudest that I have. When I disagree with this war, I am called a traitor by the very people you support. That hurts me to my very soul.

When we, as Americans, feel free to discuss basic issues facing our country – in a civil manner – then we are free. Until the name-calling and personal attacks stop, we are not free.

Please take me off of your list of people to send conservative comments, videos, messages, etc.

I value our renewing relationship and hope this request does not hinder it. I hope you will respect my political views in the same way that I respect yours. We can agree to disagree.

I hope all Americans will vote in November. Please support the candidates that you agree with. If you don’t support any of the candidates on your ballot, write in someone. Any one. But do vote.

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