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New President-Elect

It’s a relief to say that we have a new president-elect in the USA . Big sigh of relief! Maybe now I won’t be considered a traitor when I disagree with him.  [tongue in cheek]

The writing’s been slow these past months. Making a big move has taken all my attention and energy. Although I wrote a flash piece, I haven’t gone back to it to incorporate the comments I received from the workshop.

I’m watching The Starter Wife on the USA channel. She’s started her writing career after a divorce. Her first attempt was a children’s book – which was published but didn’t sell well. Then she joined a writer’s group and read a passage from her journal. They were all amazed – and she found her "voice." Now she’s written a screenplay, and it’s liked by the two people who have reviewed it.

This story reminds me that not all writers should write all things. Some of us are better at stories. Others are great at nonfiction. There are those who need the words in long stories to get to everything. And there are those who can cut through the crap and give us everything in very few words.

Then there are those of us who aren’t sure where our real strength lies. And we keep trying different things to find out. I’m still exploring – are you?

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