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NYC Midnight Tweet-length story contest

I signed up and was sent a link to my group number and word. All I had to do was come with at least one story of no more than 140 characters in five hours.

What an idea for a writing contest! As those of you who belong to Twitter know, each tweet can be no longer than 140 characters – including spaces and punctuation. Some people have been playing around with this form of flash fiction for a while now. I even considered trying it out, but hadn’t come up with any ideas.

Voila! New writing contest pops up on my writing radar. NYC Midnight is sponsoring the twee-length story contest.

The first round has been completed, including the judging. I was assigned to Group 5, with the word “punch.” I submitted three stories using the word “punch,” and one of them has been selected to move into the next round. Woo hoo!

You can read the stories – and vote for mine – here:

My story is the 7th from the top on the Group 5 page.

Oh, yes. Read all the stories.  😀

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