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Mysteries – How do we plot them?

I’m writing a novel. Oh, yes. Just like everyone else. My novel is a hybrid of mystery and thriller. There is a mystery at the core of the story, but there’s a lot of action before it’s solved. Like all good mysteries, the plot needs to take the reader to different places before the mystery […]

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Placed in short story contest

I won second place in a short story competition! Woo hoo!! This story is a flash fiction piece named Of Spiders and Monsters. The theme for the contest was “snowbound.” Since the magazine is all about science fiction, fantasy, and horror (with fantastic elements), I wrote about what a human mind does during extreme isolation. […]

Writing and submitting

This blog is the ongoing account of my writing career. Coming to this career later in life – I’m no eighteen year old wonder – it’s both easier and harder than I thought it would be. For me, the easy part is coming up with story ideas. The hard part is creating the vessel to […]