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About Dianne

Even though I’ve been a writer my entire life, I’ve only recently been writing fiction. I’ve always loved reading, or hearing, a good story. Now I’m writing them.

During my life, I’ve been a student, served in US Navy, earned engineering degree, practiced electrical engineering, changed to paralegal, changed back to engineering, promoted to management, promoted to executive management, over to strategic sourcing, back to engineering, rebelled to entrepreneur, owned two businesses, and, now, writing fiction.

Whew! That’s what I call an eclectic career path. And it helps me with story ideas, characters, and even plots. Some of us need to get experience under our belts before we write.

This blog serves as my journal about my writing career. In the most narcissistic sense, it documents me. In a more generous sense, it shares with you the journey that one writer takes.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Enjoy!